We provide a comprehensive range of holistic care and our care style is centred around the person being cared for not simply the condition. Our regular staff meetings ensure that staff consistently achieve the high standards of quality care which we set out to provide for our patients and of which we are extremely proud. We comply with the 1993 Health and Hygiene standards in all respects and we operate a no-smoking policy within our Home but are sensitive to the needs of smokers.

Staff have special training in various specialisms, for example Parkinson's, diabetes, promotion of continence and in the specialised equipment we use.

We recognise that the management of continence can be a problem for many elderly people and their families. Our patients are cared for by staff trained in the promotion of continence and to give the reassurance, maintenance of dignity and privacy which they require.

Each home has a strong relationship with a local medical practice but residents are welcome to retain their own GP, providing the practice is prepared to visit the home regularly.

To ensure our residents' well being, doctors, dentists, hospital appointments and so forth are made as needed, and residents have transport arranged if required for these visits.