Kingsmount is equipped and staffed to cater for older people requiring extensive support and assistance beyond that available in the more "hotel" style residential homes.

As a dual registered home we also provide a safe, elegant and tranquil environment for those with a mild dementia who are more a risk to themselves than to others.

Our staff are appropriately trained in both of these specialised styles of care.

We recognise that the decision, both of the potential resident and of their relatives, to take a place in a care home is often a difficult one and that the principle driver is the requirement for the constant availability of qualified care staff.

In this knowledge, our philosophy is to provide a happy and comfortable home. Our staff are trained to understand that the needs of individual patients can vary greatly and this individuality is reflected in their care plans. Whilst we provide twenty-four hour care, we encourage independence and we will give as much or as little assistance as required.

A good social life is as important as medical attention and a caring environment. We encourage social interaction amongst our residents. Residents’ friends and relatives are encouraged to visit regularly and are welcomed at any time. For those residents who do not receive regular visits and are unable to mix socially with other residents we will arrange for a professional "tea-time visitor" to drop in on regular afternoon visits.

Kingsmount is home to most of our residents and as such is run for their convenience, not ours. This means freedom to choose in all areas of their daily routines without disturbing the enjoyment of others. We hope our patients will live as happy and fulfilled lives with us as they might with their families.