Our wonderful activities team have lots planned to keep us busy in March! We're hoping for some warmer weather and a little bit of sun shine but in the mean time why not take a look at some of the indoor activities we will be enjoying this month.

1st - 7th March

Word games, ball games, Music for Health, word searches, dominoes, making and of course tasting coconut ice cream, a matinee film and memory cards.

8th - 14th March

Memory cards, skittles, baking, a quiz, ball games, hoopla and a matinee film.

15th - 21st March

Mothering Sunday, traditional sweet tasting, giant connect four, Music for Health, crosswords, skittles, balloon games and a matinee film.

22nd - 28th March

Word games, snakes and ladders, easter arts and crafts, a quiz, hoopla, memory cards and a matinee film.

29th - 31st March

Naughts and crosses, domineos and Music for Health.