Our principle aim is to ensure a superbly supportive care and social environment where the attention paid to dignity and quality of life is paramount.

We offer 24 hour support, at staffing levels well in excess of the National Care Standards. This enables us to provide a more intimate level of care and personalised service in a less regimented style.

Kingsmount is registered for 32 beds, a level which ensures a balance between efficiency and personal attention. We accept residents of both sexes, typically over 65. Our registration is for elderly people, both residential and nursing and we are able to accept those with dementia who do not pose a risk to others.

Our objective is to enable residents to live independent and fulfilled lives as far as they are able, with dignity and privacy in a tranquil and elegant environment.

Residents and visitors are consulted about the conduct of the home through a regular survey process and input is welcomed at resident meetings.