Kingsmount, like its sister homes, is a comprehensively equipped private home offering residential care for elderly clients as well as expert care for people with dementia.

Set above Oldway Mansion, it benefits from views over Paignton and Torbay and was originally an impressive Victorian mansion and carriage house. It was formerly part of the Oldway estate and legend has it that it was the home of the mistress of Isaac Singer, of sewing machine fame, who built Oldway Mansion and that there was a tunnel connecting the two buildings.

Arranged on two floors, the accommodation comprises leisure rooms and bedrooms, all but one with en-suite facilities all served by a fully automatic lift.

The bedrooms are tastefully furnished to compliment the grand surroundings. Despite the luxury the rooms have a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Our main purpose is to provide long term care with special provision for dementia sufferers, and we cater for male and female, older residents. Our care is oriented towards those who require significant assistance and we are staffed and equipped to cater for those whose needs may also include dementia care but not challenging behaviour.



We are passionate about delivering person centred care to all of our residents in a sensitive and compassionate manner and we try to involve residents in the decision making process where possible. We work closely with both family and friends to ensure the needs of the resident (medical, physical, spiritual) are met and welcome regular visits to the home so we work in partnership to review the changing needs of the resident and the care offered.

Our emphasis is on service, comfort and security. Our aim is to assist our residents to live in the style to which they were accustomed at home.